Olongapo City Museum

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Facade of Olongapo City Museum, East Tapinac, Olongapo City

Ulo Ng Apo - Head of the Chieftain

Aboriginals are the early settlers, shown here hunting wild boar

Spaniards arrived, introduced Christianity and built an arsenal (naval base) in Subic Bay

Spanish Gate constructed to protect the arsenal built by Spaniards

Olongapo during the war - - - - Battle of Zigzag Pass during World War II

While most of the country had gained independence from the American, Olongapo remained under American Military control
  The arrival of floating dry-docks in Subic Bay marked the start of extensive ship repair capability of the biggest Naval Base outside continental USA
Illegal loggers confronted by the city's 1st Mayor James Gordon

Mayor James Gordon shot at the back by hired assassin while talking to a woman seeking assistance at city hall lobby

2nd Mayor of Olongapo Amelia Gordon established Boys Toys and Girls Home

Magsaysay Drive during Vietnam War (Sin City)
Olongapo fought on, cleaning up ashes from Mt. Pinatubo Eruption in 1991

Signing between Admiral Mercer and Mayor Richard Gordon turning-over the US Naval Facility in Subic to Philippine Government in 1992

Volunteers protected and kept the facility clean

Investors from all over the world poured in due to the leadership of Dick Gordon and dedication of volunteers

A monument dedicated to Subic Volunteers (1996)

Representative of 1st District of Zambales, Hon. James Gordon, Jr.

Frontrunners of Subic Volunteerism

Mayor Katherine H. Gordon, multi-awarded world class leader,
recipient of Conrad Adenauer and UNESCO Cities and Mayors Peace Prize Award in March 31, 1998
Photos courtesy of Olongapo Public Affairs Office.
Special Thanks to Mayor James "Bong" Gordon, Jr  and Yang Elane of Olongapo City Museum.

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